Italianità: An Online Curatorial Project

The culture of my Italian immigrant family became my Italian American culture. I wondered how other Italian American artists were affected by a similar immersion in the food, family, language, and religion of the Old Country, particularly as we came of age with the social mores of the second half of the 20th Century. While most of us share the blood of the Mezzogiorno and the gene pool of the Mediterranean, we also share freedoms that our grandparents could not have imagined for themselves. Still, the immigrant culture of handwork and making things nudged many of us into becoming artists.
Italianità, the website, is an online exhibition of our work as well as a repository of our stories of being shaped by two cultures. 


November 9, 2023
Two Coats of Paint

August 28, 2021

La Voce di New York

By Sofia Zamboli

October, 2021
The Beautiful Life
The Franky in New York website, founded by Italian journalist Elena Frigenti to celebrate Italian and Italian American culture, produces a monthly newsletter, The Beautiful Life.This month in The Beautiful Life she gives a shout out to Italianità and it's "virtual exhibition."

Conversation about Italianità

with Anna Patalano